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I don't really maintain a list but I do like to start off the year with some minimums of specific flies in my flyboxes. Its usually something like 12-15 #14 para adams dries, 4-5 thunderheads, 5-6 #16 yellow stimis, 5-6 #12 yellow stimis. some small BWOs. All the other dries like quill gordons, cahills, hendricksons, and such are not used as much so I will tie as needed. Nymphs, I keep about the same numbers on the most used like PTs, princes, tellicos.
The same goes for the tailwater box. 8-10 zebras of 2 sizes, olive mides, pTs, sulpher dries, bwo dries, some black caddis. The things i would use the most are kept in stock.
My warmwater boxes are big and I do like to keep 5-6 main patterns well stocked . Lots of stealth bombers, Chart. and black poppers in 2 sizes, some special deerhair streamers and plenty of baitfish clousers. I tie year round, so restocking does not take long.
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