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David, I've tried several times to create a definitive list of flies to tie and keep them fairly organized in a few plastic bins with divided cubbies.

Here is the list I did last winter:

The highlighted boxes were the ones I really targeted in on. The funny thing is that during the year I really started sticking with the CHC xCaddis (in Husky underfur and Mr Rapidan - an Olive blend) as my go to fly [which isn't even highlighted. I'm now to the point that I will probably fish 95% of the time with the Husky xCaddis, so this year I am only tying those...(Disclaimer: I only fish mountain streams...and I only fish dries...)

Here is the Husky xCaddis:

If you want a copy of the excel file, to then update for yourself. Its at Its called "Essentialv2.xls"

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