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Default personal quirks?

I sit here while tons of snow is falling outside and something that Jeffnless1 said got me thinking. There are several strange (or at least to me) things that I do when fishing and I was wondering if any of you guys have similar traits. Due to the weather and time of year It seems appropriate to start with this one, if you don't fish for let's say a month do you feel yourself getting frustrated? I mean down right ornery at times, I just can feel it starting to build up in my gut and i just know, I NEED to go. OK I am really bad about not carrying a net while fishing in the park. Tailwaters no problem always got it, and I know that the distance traveled and terrain to be covered in the park adds to this, but for me it has almost gotten to a point where it is a superstition such that i don't carry a net as to add to my chances of sticking a fish I would want to have a net for. I have actually gone back to the truck to get the net following hooking, quite early, and landing a big park fish, guess what no more fish that day. OK anyone out there been fishing and landed a really good fish, i mean a good fish, like your first park fish, or a 20 incher in the park heck 18" or maybe your first tailing redfish or bonefish a permit or tarpon, and upon release the personal trophy you had to sit down for minute, or a bit more, to truly process what the **** just happened. Ok have you ever been fishing for a while on a new piece of good water, you know you should be having more success than you have had, it's been tough you change flies a zillion times you cant cast, wade or anything, and then you hook a pig, and you fight the fish and you are super aware of what you are doing cause you know this is a good one and you have sucked all day and somehow you've been blessed, back and forth you and the fish gain and lose ground(in my case a huge brown on the Chattooga) and then a you go to net the beast, a slight turn..a pop.. and he's gone. The wave of emotion runs a gammet from pure misery to appreciation, and you don't know whether to cry or laugh, and i may have done both. It is at that point that you realize the story of the day is complete and cannot be improved upon no matter how many casts you make & thus in an instant you reel up and walk to the truck with your emotions racing in a million directions not sure what to do, say, or think. And I guess finally do you get pissed at yourself for fishing poorly. I know when i fish like crap, and i don't like it. i have very high expectations of myself when i fish (at this point it should be very clear that i am completely insane ) and it sticks with me, after a poor performance I am actively looking for the next option I have to go fishing to remmedy the most recent pathetic outing. And i guess finally do you ever have trouble sleeping becasue you are thinking about fishing? I have a saltwater trip in Mexico planned for May and I swear there have been several nights this past week where I laid in bed unable to sleep thinking about bones,permit,tapron,snook,jacks, I know i got to sleep it's 1am and I gotta be in the pool at 7am and work at 8am and yet I just smile cause I just don't care. Please tell me I am not alone, and if I am, well I am just fine with that!
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