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Let me say first that there is a significant gap between your fly fishing skills and mine (I don't have the high expectations that you do and have caught only one large trout, an 18 inch brown, in the park) but I understand your quirks. I, too, have lain awake at night thinking about fishing. The thought of hooking a trout sends an adrenaline rush through me that makes sleep impossible. I can see in my mind's eye the fly drifting down and I imagine different situations and how I might fish them. While laying awake thinking about a work problem bugs me to death, laying awake thinking about fishing is a whole different matter.

I don't carry a net and I've never kissed a fish but I have my share of quirks out on the stream. One thing that I struggle with almost every time I go is stopping to eat or get a drink of water. If I'm doing that then I'm not fishing and I often wait way too long and get a little wobbly and dry just because I can't make myself take 5 or 10 on a rock to get some refreshment.

One thing that I have noticed is that often times when I first hit the water, I feel like I've never done this before. I stumble, I fumble with line and fly, just generally out of sorts. After a while, though, (and it seems to happen without realizing it) it's almost like getting into a rythm where everything seems to happen without thinking. At this point, everything else in the world fades away and it's like being in a bubble that includes just me and the stream. There are times when I seem to regain consciousness and start slipping and tripping and losing flies and making goofy casts but then, before I know it, I slip back into that other place where things just seem to glide.

It's that other-worldly place that I end up in that makes fly fishing so great, where time and worries and pressures just disappear. And sometimes fish are even caught.
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