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I think all fly fisherman start out with the traditional fly vest.

I like to fish PA spring creeks, a good number of years
ago I was fishing the Yellow Breeches in August.

It was a very hot day in the low 90's, but near the
stream and 55 degree spring water is was cool.

Once away from the canopy it go hot wearing a

Yellow Breeches Orvis Shop I purchased a chest pack.
I liked it from the first time I wore it.

Couple of years later I purchased this Richardson Chest Box.

Bottom drawer is large enoough to just carry the minimal

I have the Joe Humphrieys model and wouldn't ever
go back to trout fishing with just a vest.

Mr. Humphreys' does at times wear a vest with his

Carry midges, nymphs on one tray

Dry flies on another

What I like most is that I travel from freestone stream
to a spring creek and able to just swap out cards.
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