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Lauxier and others--I've found this really interesting on two scores. Like an idiot I had never made the obvious connection between the salmon's uncanny sense of smell and something similar in trout. Should have been obvious since they are both salmonids.

As for Joe Humphrey, he is one of the sport's grand gentlemen. I've had the joy of crossing paths with Joe a number of times over the years, and what an ambassador for fly fishing is is and has long been. While both Joe and Lefty had made an appreciable mark as writers, that really isn't the greatest strength of either man. They are teachers. Joe was a most worthy successor to George Harvey in Pennsylvania while anyone who has spent much time listening to Lefty realizes that, in between the endless fund of jokes, he was born to be a teacher.
I've written on Lefty and interviewed him in detail. It's an interesting experience in that you have to settle back and listen to a born raconteur and pick out the plentiful nuggets of wisdom among the endless flow of humor.
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