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Originally Posted by rivergal View Post
One of my fishing quirks is talking to a wiggly fish while trying to remove the hook. I usually say " Hold still !"
I'm glad I'm not the only one that does this. I find when I'm fishing on my own (and have no one else to talk to), I talk to the fish that I catch way too much. "hold still" and "cut that out" are usually the first two comments and then if I'm going to try and take a picture I try to smooth talk it into being calm while I retrieve the camera and a snap a shot or two.

This year, I caught a beautiful cutthroat in Colorado that inhaled a Husky xCaddis way too deep and I tried briefly to disgorge the hook before I realized that there was no way the hook was going to come out without doing more severe damage. So I clipped the tippet as close to the hook as I could. I looked at the stunned fish sitting very still in a small pool for what seemed like 10 minutes (although I'm sure it was nowhere near that long) and kept apologizing to it and telling it that it had so much to live for (in the beautiful mountain setting that it was in, and all), before it finally turned away from me and sped off to a deep crevice in the center of the stream. I think if anyone would have come up upon me during that time, and only heard me talking (since the fish was not saying anything...) they would have been convinced that I was trying to talk myself out of committing suicide...

Oh, I never take a net as well...that's asking for failure. Of course, I've never caught anything bigger than 14-16 inches and its usually in areas the size of a bathtub so its never been an issue...

Just for the record, mimes give me the creeps...

"Even a fish wouldn't get into trouble if he kept his mouth shut."
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