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Ok, since everyone else has led the way, here are some of my quirks.... I often lay awake at night thinking of fly fishing, with the number of times dependent proportionately to how long it has been. This sounds incredibly corny, but I actually pine for fly fishing in the mountains when it has been too long. I will sometimes stay up as long as I can the night before fishing, because I figure the later it is the quicker fishing hours will come when I wake up.

Having said that let me say a little about the French.....I cannot stand the French. The thing that drives me crazy though is how people do not seem to realize the following:

We would have never ended up back in Iraq if it were not for the French, Germans, and Russians ensuring Saddam that they would not let anything past the Security Committee, and telling him that we wouldn't do anything unilaterally. You ask how I know this, here are the facts. Saddam had played this kind of game numerous times in the past, always taking it right up to the point where action would have been taken prior to backing down. Each time he did this he got more concessions. This plan had worked for him again and again. He got wasta from the reast of the middle east, while gaining concessions with little to no risk for himself. Say what you will about him, he new how to manipulate the system and the international community and press to get what he wanted. Why did we suprise him, and we did suprise him. How else did we catch him hiding in a hole? We suprised him becasue the French, Russians, and Germans assured him that he had nothing to worry about and that they would not let anything past the security council.

Now why would the French, Germans and Russians do this? The truth is they were making money hand over fist on the oil for food program. Add this to the fact that the French lost more money than I could imagine following the first gulf war (because they were the ones selling Saddam all of the anti-air defense missiles and bomb proof bunkers and hangers). I spoke to a district attourney for a western state, and he told me flat out that there was enough information and evidence to indict more than a few of the Frech Presidents cabinet over the oil for food program, but the folks at the department of state would not allow it. His only hope was that some **** hot state district attourney would take up the cause and go after them. Well this is starting to sound like a rant so I will close.

I guess I really need to get back on a stream.
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