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I guess I should say in all seriousness that while I don't think that fly pattern is nearly as important in the smokies as it is in the tailwaters, there are days that it does make a difference. For the most part the fish in the smokies are opportunistic feeders by nature. But I do believe that you need to pay attention to the types of bugs available. Caddis, Stoneflies, Mayflies, Hoppers or Bettles. I usually have 3 "go to" dry patterns in different sizes, Parachute Adams, Mr. Rapidan, and Orange & Yellow Stimulators. I have certainly seen days when 1 of these patterns would clearly "outfish" another. So while, I don't carry a ton of the "match the hatch" stuff I am willing to try another fly. The 4th dry that I always carry but don't seem to fish a lot would be the BWO for when they want the small stuff.
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