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Default I Was Hooked In '95

My first fly fishing trip in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was in May of 1995 on Hazel Creek. I was invited by a friend to a group outing that was using the Proctor Backcountry Campsite as a base camp. I had been accustomed to fly fishing streams in northwest North Carolina and southwest Virginia and thought that I would have an upper hand on Hazel Creek. Wrong! I became humble pretty quickly. The group that I was fishing with consisted of some veteran anglers of the Smokies, so I decided that my observation of their skills would be in my best interest, and man was I right. The first things that I noticed from them were stealth, presentation, and if you don't absolutely have to be in the stream, stay out of it! So, with that knowledge in hand, I gave it another shot by myself the following day and began having some success. Some of those old guys that I watched and learned from on that trip are gone now, but the memory of them and this trip is forever etched in my mind.

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