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Originally Posted by txbrown View Post
I don't like a pack hanging on my chest.
You are not alone there; I know many who had trouble getting use to having a chest pack.

Trying to think back when I first wore one, I think it was more of a relief to get that hot and heavy vest off than anything else.

I have been wearing one for a while now I would be very hard pressed to go back to a vest. But you never know.

Last night I purchased an LL Bean lumbar pack; I will give it a try this year and see if it will be a good addition to my Richardson. Just leery that I might start carrying more stuff.

Anyway getting back to the chest pack I discovered to really make it comfortable and secure is the quality of the back strap. If it is wide, padded, and adjustable so much the better.

I scrapped my Richardson strap right off, and modified my Orvis chesk pack back strap to fit it. Hasn't been off since.
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