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Originally Posted by Carolina Boy View Post
Nope not a tiger trout, they are apparently trying to get the Cherokee Nation to donate an extra 2 miles or so and then the state of NC to donate an extra 2 miles as well, I am not sure how the govt side of this proposal works.
Carolina Boy--Who is "they"? I'm confused when you mention the state of N. C. donating an extra two miles to what I'm assuming is the Oconaluftee trophy water. The state doesn't have two miles. Except for a very short stretch immediately above and below the dam at Ela on lower Luftee, it is all on the reservation or in the Park. The reservation boundary at Birdtown is just above the point where the little lake backs up to its headwaters, and it is no more than a few hundred yards below the dam until Luftee enters the Tuckaseigee. In other words, I'm confused and hope maybe you can straighten me out.
I've talked to Robert Blankenship about this trophy water a number of times and he does indeed hope for an expansion. However, I think it is more likely to be upstream than down, and either way there are several miles of water which are on the reservation. The final decision would presumably be up to the tribal council.
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