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WVBrookie--Thanks for your most gracious comments. As for the study, I assume you are referring to the ongoing Park study of specks. As far as the impact of fishermen is concerned, researchers have concluded man's impact is minimal to non-existent; hence, you can once more creel specks.
Also, this is tacit recognition of what I have long felt to be the case in many Park streams, no matter what species of trout they held. Keeping the occasional mess of fish to eat does no harm and may in many cases actually be beneficial. Park streams, mainly because of relative infertility, tend to be overpopulated (I know, if some of you are shaking your heads, I've had those days myself when it seemed like there was only one trout every 500 yards). You can usually tell if the heads of mature fish are big in comparison to their bodies. In such situations keeping a mess of fish may actually be good management.
I personally eat fish from time to time and absolutely love them, although probably 19 out of every 20 I catch is released. If you don't want to keep trout that's fine, and if you want a streamside meal in a backcountry setting, that's fine too, in my view.
Jim Casada
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