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Default Thought I would share a couple of stories

Been reading about your bear stories and thought I would share a couple of mine.

A couple of years ago my father, who works in a grocery store, told me about a woman who came into the store to buy some canned gravy. She than proceded to tell him that her sister (or someone) had told her to buy some gravy to feed the bears in the smokies, they loved gravy. I belive dad tried to talk her out of that one.

I remember when I was a kid a bear came into the metcalf bottoms picnic area and ruined our lunch. This was prob around 1987-89 somewhere in there. So I know that bears have had a problem with becoming human fed since before then. The bear ran us off of our table and proceded to dig into what would have been our lunch.

A few years ago a myself and a good friend went camping up on rich mountain (don't remember the site # just that it was full of roots and what appeared to be a adequate water source on the map was a tiny trickle of water down a steep hill 200 yards away from camp) we had a good evening and were awoke at daybreak by the sound of a bear playing around our camp. We had all our stuff hung between trees way out of a bears reach and had done all the other bearproofing stuff but he was there nonetheless. We peered out of the tent through the little webbing at the top of the dome at him for what seemed like an eternity before he left. Finally when he did we got out of the tent and started cooking breakfast. It wasn't long till he came running back toward our camp, he got about 50 or so yards from us when he saw us and stopped dead in his tracks. He stared at us for a sec and then bolted away so fast you'd thought we'd just peppered him with a 12 gauge. Strange creatrues these bears.
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