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Originally Posted by MadisonBoats View Post
You can use an empty prescription bottle to help you stack in the beginning. Thanks for sharing you fly. It looks like it would be a great bass fly and who knows what else will hit it...? Keep up the creative work and I appreciate you posting your design. As far as tying in the hair; do it in controlled sections of the hook. Don't try and do too much at one time. Then, you have to be creative in the trimming part with your scissors. You will have many bad ones at the beginning, but, keep working at it.

Good luck...
Empty prescription bottle. Now, that sounds like a great idea. I'll give it a shot. Anything has to be better than impailing my thumb on the hook point when my fingers slipped doing it by hand (ouch). The ink pen barrel worked OK but in order to get it over the hook eye, the hole semed to just fold the hair back more than actually packing it. Teh extra surface area of the base of the pill bottle seems like it will work.

Perhaps instead of drilling a hole for the hook eye, I can cut a slit in the bottle so it can slide over the hook shank? Hmm, have to experiment. I have several plastic pill bottles laying around that I use to store stuff like guitar picks and the like.

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