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Originally Posted by Jim Casada View Post

9. I actually asked a big audience of locals in Gatlinburg 18 months ago what they knew about Wiley Oakley. Other than knowing there was a drive named for him, no one could tell me much of anything. None knew his favorite song ("I'll Fly Away"), none knew about the little books he wrote, and only one knew that Gatlinburg was once known as White Oak Flats.
The heartland series has done some pretty extensive coverage on Wiley Oakley. Jim, if you haven't had the pleasure of watching any of these, do won't regret.

White Oak Flats is a name of the past, and I'm afraid Arrowmont school is soon to follow.

I've always thought it was interesting how the USGS quad for citico creek wilderness is referred to as White Oak Flats.
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