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Smile What,s in a name?

The various local names,and how/who created them are a fascinating result of such mostly verbal history accounts,that have held me and my wife,s close attention,since meeting one Marie Mellinger,some 30 years ago in our home state of Ga.! Her self-taught extensive knowledge of the S.E. Flora and Fauna,geology,Indian and settler history, peppered her naturalist-sharing days and evenings,as she led the then urban mixed group over the Hills of Habersham,the peaks of the Smokies,and the AT,with a group called the "Wild Edibles!" Finding wild food,integrating it into a meal was the goal we thought,but the outcome was to gain a deeper understanding of the treasures we were overlooking,as we urban types spent recovery time with nature.......not fully aware of the richness of our surroundings! As a retired teacher,she was president several times of the Atlanta Botanical Society,served under the Carter Governorship,as native plant survey lead, and spent years on several indian reservations,as wife of a nature reserve manager, finally{ and this is not an extensive count of her rich, mostly self-taught background}, she wrote for her Clayton. Ga. newspaper weekly articles, called "Roadside Rambles",many years in to her retirement years, before passing on in 2008 AT 96.....+ or - a year or two......her secret! This comes to mind, after hearing how a friendly casual encounter between strangers, led to learning of "new" local history, and is shared,thru story art form dear to our hearts, and a diminishing resource,it seems to me! It was my wife Patty and my honor to know this lady of the woods, and to "Do- A- Woods" drive with her,for some ten years,on a bi-weekly basis.... after Marie could no longer drive her car, she called "Libby!" We still host the dwindling and loosely organized roster of " Wild Edibles " folks for a Christmas get together at our home for the last ten years near Clarkesville, Ga., where the verbal history carried forward, by Marie, gets another chapter addition! The connection is loose,but o-so valuable to this Mtn. Man.! Thanks for listening{er. reading} Rocketroy
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