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Rocketroy--Your post truly intrigued me. While this is a fly-fishing forum, anyone who has read many of my musings realizes I have a great interest in wild foods. Indeed, in company with my wife, I have written seven or eight cookbooks, and all of them deal with foods from nature. Most are game and fish recipes, but quite possibly my favorite section in any of the books is one devoted to wild nuts, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, etc. in our book "Wild Bounty." I love the thoughts of self-sufficiency and links with the past that come from things like picking wild strawberries, blackberries, huckleberries, service berries, etc.; from gathering and cracking hazelnuts and walnuts (and thinking of that wonderful nut we have lost, the American chesnut); and enjoying the likes of poke sallet, branch lettuce, and ramps.
Jim Casada
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