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Hate to mention it, Jeff, but it looks like Brad's contemplating Angelina instead of fishing.
After a little "incident" last spring along Little River where Daniel was making some rather impressive casts with some excessive false casting ans posturing followed immediately by a lovely sounding high pitched voice asking "you guys catching anything" (young female voice with a very lovely southern drawl), I started calling him "Young Brad".

Later that same day, we saw a couple bikini clad young lasses swiming in the stream and "Young Brad" informed me it was the same girls who asked us if we were catching anything earlier in the morning. He also informed me they were from a church group somewhere in Georgia.

I didn't even bother to ask how he knew that little detail (we were fishing some different parts of the stream at various times of the morning).

I did inform him that was the most dangerous game he would ever fish for. I'm not sure he understood just what I meant, but soon enough he will.

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