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Default recipe-

I've had a couple of people email me,wanting the recipe,I mentioned in a earlier post,for Chef Paul's Pecan Trout.
1)Take about a couple cups of pecans-chop them-then in a mortar grind them into a powder or flour as chef paul say's with a pestle-the pecan flour has a moist feel so add about 1tsp corn meal,and a little flour(1tsp) salt and pepper.Take a trout, head off,I'm like Jerry Clowers,a cooked fish with the head on looks too much like "folks" to eat.coat the trout in the pecan flour mixture,then dip the floured trout in an egg wash,then dip in pecan flour mixture again,cook till golden brown,it just takes a minute or two,in peanut oil 350 degrees,Honestly,the finished trout will look too good to eat,the pecans give it a a slightly sweet taste.Those pesky 8-12 inch Smoky Mnt trout work perfectly,not to mention they are the best tasting trout known to man.If you marinate your cleaned trout in lemon juice for about an hour,they are even better.Serve up a mess of these golden brown trout,with new potatoes,cole slaw and corn bread and you'll be hit for sure,like my grandma used to say"If you can't eat that ,you can do without".
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