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Didn't mean for the post to get high-jacked by my hat. I have worn cowboy hats my intire life while fishing (I grew up fishing in the Sierra's in Ca). I often wear a brown one that is a little more stealthy, however I can honestly say that I have outfished others wearing stealthier hats than my straw cowboy hat. To be honest the choice of the cowboy hat is mostly weather dependent for me....I tend to wear the straw one when it is very warm. I have spent much of my life outdoors both for fun, and while I was in the Marine Corps. My father has had some issues with mild skin cancer, and I decided a while back that if I wanted to continue to enjoy the outdoors that I would need to take some precautions in the sun. For this reason I almost exclusively wear long sleeved shirts, and a hat is a must. I do have a camo hat that is one of my favorite fishing hats, but when it is really warm it just gets too hot. I have not really tried any comparisons of outcomes while fishing, but I will have to start a personal experiment to see if it has an effect on my fishing. Truth be told I prefer the brown cowboy hat, but tend not to wear it if I have not had a haircut in a bit (it is a little tight if I have not recently gotten my hair cut), I have been just too cheep to get one a little bigger. They do work great to cut the glare, and the straw hats are much cooler.

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