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My wife gave me a pass for both Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday I hit up the Holston and that report can be found on the TN Tailwater Holston thread.

On Saturday I went to LR in Townsend to take advantage of a couple hours of freedom. When I arrived at my destination I was the only person around. About 45 minutes later a few guys were a couple hundred yards upstream of me and two guys got in about 50 yards downstream of me. Two of the four guys quickly fished their way downstream and the other two guys were slowly coming upstream. I could see what was going to happen. Three of them converged on the area I was fishing, and I found myself casting between two guys dunking powerbait being careful to not hit them with my heavily weighted nymph rig.

After about 10 minutes of this mess I was fed up and got out of the river, and made my way to LRO to chat with Daniel for a little while. They were slammed, I don't know that I have ever seen the parking lot that full. When I arrived I counted three open parking spaces, so it appears that the nice weather pulled everybody out from their winter hiding places. The only thing I could think of to remedy such a morning was to order myself a couple slaw dogs, chips, and an A&W and sit back and enjoy the sunshine and beautiful surroundings before heading back to Knoxville.

Oh well, it was a rare occasion, and I know that typically I can find solitude in the mountains and/or Townsend. However, the wet and cold winter combined with the beautiful weather this weekend was just too tempting for most to pass up. It was still better than being at work or stuck in the house watching it snow....

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