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Default j clowers again

I did not appreciate Clowers until long after he died.I was coming to the Smoky's,for a bit of fly fishing(a couple of years ago).Stopped at a convienent store on top of Jellico Mtn.Got a pop(soda),as I checked out,I saw a rack of DVD's by Clowers called "Jerry Clowers Greatest Hits"It was a 2 DVD set,I bought one for 7.99!!!The DVD's contained great stuff,no cursing,just fun stuff about coon hunting and country folks in Mississipi,a state that Clowers loved,even after he excelled selling ag chemicals,then became THE county comedien,of his time,his humor was always about those good and truthful people in smalltown Miss. He IS easy to miss,because he was one of those people who could actually find humor,in life's simplicity and goodness... in family hunting and fishing stuff...telling stories..judgement free.
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