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As a gun owner, range officer, and concealed permit holder, I'm in favor of it.

I have no fear (healthy respect but no fear) of 4 legged predators. They typically have far more sense than the 2 legged variety.

My .357mag would be a last stand of defense against a charging bear and I doubt if it would really have the kind of knock down power required to stop such a charge before the bear did whatever it was he was going to do to me anyway.

2 legged predators on the other hand are a different matter entirely.

I've carried a firearm of one type or another most of my adult life and in the 30+ years I've done so, I've never needed to draw it from the holster other than at a firing range.

However, having the means to protect myself and my family in the unlikely event it would be needed, it is comforting to know I may be able to stop such an attack.

I pray that I will never be faced with a situation where deadly force is required. I don't go looking for trouble, and in fact, even when armed, feel backing down from a fight is by far the best alternative. One is better off trying to avoid a bad situation or to turn around and walk away from a bad situation. If they are wanting to rob me, I'd rather give them my wallet than shoot them. However, if my life were in danger or if my wife or son were in danger, I would take whatever steps necessary to resolve the situation to my favor. I would hope and pray that use of deadly force would not be necessary.

However, if that is the only way out, I'm not going to leave my wife a widow without a fight nor would I stand idly by as someone harmed my wife or son.

As for bear or boar, even if one were getting too close, I would imagine the loud bang from a firearm going off would most likely scare it away. A simple "shot over the bow" would be my choice before pumping rounds into the animal's body.

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