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Originally Posted by JohnH0802 View Post
Jim Casada and Jeff S. say it very well. I will add just a couple of thoughts.

Gun control laws by definition have no effect on the criminal element (i.e. a criminal by definition does not obey the law, so who will a gun control law impact? only the law abiding).

For those of you who have concerns about what may happen, those arguments are remarkably similiar to arguments made as states started adopting right to carry permits. The verdict is already in, take a look at the stats from states that have permits. If you look at the data you will see a marked decline in violent crimes in states that have right to carry laws.

The 2nd Amendment guarantees an individuals right to keep and bear arms, and this individual right has been upheld by the supreme court.

I have no problem with someone choosing not to keep or carry a firearm, it is his or her individual right to make that choice. The problem I have is when someone else wants to make that choice for me.

A long overdue change.

My thoughts exactly. I accidentally came between a sow and her two cubs this past summer. I was on them, stringer of fish in hand, before either party knew it because of the noise of the creek roaring. It was getting dark and I was about 1.5 miles from my truck. Needless to say, in no small measure, I was in an elevated state of fear. I would never want to shoot a bear, unless it was the VERY LAST choice. In other words, I wished it would have been legal to have my weapon that day. It turned out I didn't need it but, by the hair of a frogs back, it almost went the other way and I probably wouldn't be here typing now. I love my wife and want to do everything in my power to return to her safely each and every day as well as to protect her when she is with me, whether it be the two or four legged variety that poses the danger.
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