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I have read several comments about people hoping that the "yahoos" and "red neck a-holes" don't abuse the law and I have just a couple of comments on this.

These are the arguments that the gun-control crowd and mainstream media always bring up to try and curtail the 2nd Amendment rights of the law abiding. However when you shine the light of truth on the facts, this is far from the truth.

I still remember all of the public outcry when Florida first passed its right-to-carry law and all of the media and gun control folks were talking about how it was going to be the wild west, with shoot outs in bars and such. This did not happen, and as I stated earlier it was actually just the opposite. When Florida started seeing increased violent crime targetting visitors and tourists, they interviewed some gang members and asked them why they were targetting the vistors and tourists, and found out that they were targetting them because they knew that they would not be armed. Florida did the smart thing and issued permits to out of state people.

I will agree that it doesn't take but one poor example to reflect badly on all of us (I have personnaly seen the consequences of poor sportsman hurting fishing or hunting access). Just realize that the number of people that abuse/misuse a carry permit are statistically irrelivant. I think what gives it legs is that it is all we hear in the media, until the next thing you know we are repeating the same things. This is just a bad stereotype, and not true or supported by the facts.

What I worry about are the criminals, as we have seen recently what they are capable of (i.e. the shooting of the elk in the park). This bothers me not just because of what they did, but because people automatically lump that person in with the law abiding sportsman and hunters, when the truth is that law abiding sportsman and hunters are the most outspoken against such actions.

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