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Thanks for the kudos Flyred! As far as what line to throw on your new acquisition, I would say take it to a local fly shop that has several lines rigged for demo rods and cast them. I'm not familiar with the rod but it won't hurt to cast as many different lines as you can on it. I have cast just about every type of modern line on my cane rods and they all seem to have there place. I have cast DT, WF, SA GPX, SA XPS, Several different Rio's, some Teeny Sink Tips, Cortlands, and Wulff Triangle tapers. One thing to consider is the size of the guides. If they are really small, as most older rods were built for casting silk lines, you may need to go with a smaller diameter line. Depending on the year your rod was made, this could be a factor. I did some quick research and it looks like the Vernley was from between the 30's and 50's and the first plastic lines started showing up in the 50's. Enjoy the rod and post pictures of your fish with it for all of us cane junkies.
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