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Default Yet another thought to consider...

I have made a practice of carrying a gun for self defense almost for as long as i have been driving, especially when traveling overnight or out of state. Even some of the nicer hotels I've stayed at have at times had warnings about high crime rates and not opening the door to just anyone who knocks.

This presents a problem to me in that I refuse to leave a weapon, loaded or otherwise in a hotel room and yet I also refuse to leave one in a car while onstream per chance some thug happens to decide my car looks ripe for the picking. It would be bad enough to return to my car and discover I had been robbed, and even worse if I returned to find them still there and armed with my weapon for use against myself or anyone with me.

The ability to carry legally in the parks will allow me to remain in possesion of my own weapon and able if needed to protect myself and those along with me.

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