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Neal...I fully agree with you...things have changed quite a bit in the Park over the years...on some days I will see more fishermen in areas that require a 3-4 mile hike than I did when I was young and you could drive your car to the same area....but it is hard to begrudge somebody their day on the water if they are willing to put in that kind of effort...there just are not that many areas of the Park that can be considered "secret" anymore especially with the number of forums on the web and the "where to fish" books that have been published....I know you used to live in Florida as I do and your access to the park was limited...I think if you look at the diversity of the members on this board a single post is not going to change the fishing habits of too many people....on this particular post I think that you could fly a banner over any UT football game naming its location and you probably wouldn't get more than a couple of extra people on this water...keep posting because I have always enjoyed your insights.
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