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Mention shooting back in the 60's and the first thing that popped into our mind was squirrel, rabbit, quail or dove? Mention shooting today and kids wonder which school? Folks, we live in a world far different from that which we grew up in.
old east tn boy,

I'm off-topic here, but in 1975 I bought a used .22 rifle from a high school classmate at the high school we attended. I paid him $25.00 for the rifle, and after school I got on the school bus with the rifle and a bus load of kids and went home with it. Nothing was said to me and nobody thought anything about it back then. Heck, during deer season in our county back then, some of our school bus drivers carried a deer rifle with them on the bus in case they saw a buck on the way home in the evenings. It was never an issue. Indeed, I do live in a world far different than what I grew up in. I apologize for the sidetrack, I just needed to reminisce a little and reflect on "how far we have come as a society".

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