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Default Close Encounters of the "Turd" Kind

The recent thread regarding carrying firearms legally in the GSMNP has piqued my curiosity as to how many of you folks have had a past close encounter with anyone that had the potential to turn bad, or did turn bad while fishing in the backcountry.

Mine occurred off of the Blue Ridge Parkway in N.C., near a trail at a small stream where a friend and I were fishing for specks around 1996. We had set up a little base camp to fish out of for a couple of days. After returning from fishing one morning, we found a group of drunken horseback riders in our camp sitting on their horses. They had thrown some empty beer cans out in our camp. A few unpleasantries were exchanged, and a real uneasy feeling came over me after one of the horseback riders decided that he needed to show us his concealed holstered sidearm. After a few tense minutes that seemed more like an hour, we could hear voices from some passing backpackers, which for some reason, made the horseback riders leave. I've often wondered what the outcome might have been had the backpackers not come along.

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