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Originally Posted by Mike_Anderson View Post
The only time in my life that Iíve ever felt threatened enough to pull out my gun was at Clingmans dome. We had a guy follow us all the way up the mtn. I stopped, he stopped, I got out he got out. I even would just pull over on the shoulder where there was no pull off and he would do the same. I played the stop and go game with him all the way up to the top just to see how many times he would stop. When we reached the top I pulled into a parking spot and he pulled into one beside us. I put in reverse and left the lot and again he followed. At that time I decided to put a stop to the game and whipped it back around into the parking lot and parked. He pulled up beside us again and proceeded to walk up to the truck where he was greeted with a 357 through the window. He just stood there and waved his hand side to side then turned and walked away. It was snowing like crazy and we were the only two vehicles on the mtn that day. This was a very strange looking man with VA tags. My wife and I will never forget his face and we kept his tag numbers in case something happened later. Iím not the kind of guy to jump to conclusions and I trust that 99% of the people are good folks. This guy was from the 1% and very much seemed like he had ill intentions.

I wouldnít worry about the Bears.
Creepy. Did he wave his hand as if to say "never mind"?
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