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This past November at lost cove # 90 a drunk guy was in a tent right next to me. He was walking around outside the tent at night mumbling very drunk and falling. Talking to himself a lot. He walked near my tent a few times and I thought he would fall on me but he didn't. # 90 and # 86 both seem to be the worst as far as drawing in the people that cause problems. Once you get up past those where you have to walk then most of the problem types are left behind.

Also last April I had a strange experience with some horse fellows at bone valley cs 83. Was walking through there and this guy runs out and stops and stares at me and my buddy as we walked past. Finally he ran up to me and asked what I was doing and I told him I was going fishing. He said something but I kept on going. Nothing bad happened I just didn't like the way they were staring at us. Thought I heard some dueling banjo music playing from the tent lol. Most of the horse fellows I have ran into are polite on the trail though.
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