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Before we were married, my wife and I were backpacking near the Lost Cove Cliffs in Pisgah NF. We set up camp one night next to Lost Cove Creek and hadn't seen a person all day. About midnight I woke up to strange noises and our dogs were growling in a low tone. I zipped open the rain fly and both dogs were shivering for their lives as if they'd seen a ghost. I could hear strange noises that sounded like chanting and weird songs, but couldn't make them out because of the noise of the creek. I got out of the tent to look around. A thick fog had laid down in the valley and I could hardly see 10 feet in front of me. I looked down the valley into a large cove and could see lights everywhere, moving up and down almost in unison (or so it appeared). The chanting and strange noises seemed to grow louder, I could hear an odd laughter, and some of the lights were moving side to side now.

Great I thought, theres some strange cult that has come here in the middle of the night to do some sort of devil worshipping or the like. I didn't wake my wife because I knew she wouldn't sleep, but I pulled the dogs into the tent and eventually fell asleep (frankly, I was as scared as i'd ever been).

The next morning I woke to another thick fog in the valley, but no noises. We packed up and headed downstream. As we climbed the mountainside out of the creek drainage, I looked down into the cove.....and saw a boy scout camp of about 30 tents that had come in during the night.
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