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This summer will mark 50 years I have been fishing in the Park...granted not as often as I would like...only had one such "turd" incident...back when you could drive up LR trail to forks of the river my fishing buddy and I had hiked up Fish Camp Prong to fish around the island below the Goshen Fork....on the way out we decided to fish some of the larger pools for some of the big trout you used to be able to see from the trail...we would leave our jackets by the trail while down in the river...after about the second pool my buddy came back to find his jacket missing along with our car keys that were in one of the pockets....caught up with a group of "locals" hiking out from CS23 who denied seeing the jacket but offered up a set of car keys they had "found"...after crossing the river another local came out of the woods wearing my friends jacket...claimed it was his but forgot that since it was an army jacket it had my friends name on it....backed down and took it off...luckily the rest of the family hadn't made it that far....
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