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Once we start believing that one group, because of status or profession, has a special privileged, then we've lost any reason to fight for the whole.

One person caused you concern? One person. Seeing an area destroyed by tourism in my short lifetime causes me much more concern than one person saying they'd shoot a bear. And if that bear is close enough, not running away, it probably needed to be put down anyway. I guess people only matter when they matter to us. That's a **** shame.

The funniest whine I've heard about this whole situation is, "Oh, law, everybody will have a gun." Well, no. Grow up. If they don't have a permit, and they have a handgun, then they are carrying one illegally.

Ours is a cultural construct that is out of control. See school shootings. I'd rather be one armed and able to control my own construct -- my life.

I hope, honestly, that I don't come across as brutish or mean. I'm not picking on anyone. Everyone's idea of safety is their own. Unfortunately the jumps to conclusion are so often so wrong that instead of licking the wounds of our pride or politicking, we fail to see that incidents occur, and we miss our opportunities to educate, instead we regulate.

Until you can change our culture you won't change crime. Especially gun crimes. Imagine, if health care is too difficult and expensive to contrive, then how will we get guns out of the hands of those that would harm us? Door to door? Metal detectors? Sounds like a book burning would be the next logical step.

I hope I didn't offend. Really.
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