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i've already heard one visitor say he wasn't afraid of a bear because he had a gun

That statement reminded me of one of my Smokies fishing partners. He is a law enforcement officer and always brings his .380 pistol with him on our backcountry fishing trips. When I first found out a few years ago that he was packing the .380 pistol, I asked him why he brought it. He told me in case he ran into a bad situation with a bear. I told him that his .380 pistol could make a bad situation with a bear much worse for the simple fact that all the .380 rounds would do is pizz the bear off if they didn't scare it off.

While I will be carrying in the backcountry for protection from the two-legged "animals", I'm afraid that there will be a few people like my buddy who are not rational in their thinking and don't realize how much of a gun that it takes to put a bear down in a bad situation. They may actually wind up in more danger with a gun than without one. Time will tell.

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