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Originally Posted by MadisonBoats View Post
Looks good and you are illustrating numerous issues and methods of how to build these. Keep sharing the picks....
Thanks Shawn,
Here's what I did differently on these from my earlier ones:
1) tinsel and crystal flash for the tail
2) wrapped a bit of lead wire to the under side of the hook shank back toward the bend to give it a slight tail down float.
3) cut the foam with a very sharp pocket knife (shave hair from your arm sharp) to shape instead of scissors.
4) cut the front to a point /\ then then cut the tip of the point off straight - to give a little bit of a slope to the front instead of being square.
5) let the tail extend a little beyond the hook to give a little better profile
6) cut a compound angle going to the tail. from just past the bend up to the end of the tail I cut a pretty steep angle. From just in front of the hook point to where the other angle started, I cut a less steep angle.
7) rounded the edges where the two angles meet and at the "belly" to give a more "fish like" silhouette.
8 )used holographic sparkle nail polish as the top coat over the body (even though my son suggested I go shopping for a skirt and high heels over my excitement over the sparkle nail polish).

That's about it as for things I changed.

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