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Flyguys--You have my thoughts and prayers. Although it won't help now, in time your 14-year-old son will look back with gratitude on the fact tht he at least had his grandfather long enough to know and appreciate him. My daughter didn't have that option with her maternal grandparents, although quite the opposite is the case with her paternal grandparents. One lived until she was an adult and the other, my father, is still living at the age of 100.
I do have one suggestion. Get hold of a copy of Robert Ruark's The Old Man and the Boy, which I consider the greatest of all American outdoor books, and you and your son read the chapter entitled "All He Left Me Was the World." I think both of you will find great comfort in Ruark's thoughts on losing his grandfather when he ("The Boy") was 15 years of age.
Jim Casada
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