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Originally Posted by streamsideguy View Post
looking good, but you dont want the tail facing upwards. you want it to lay flat against the hook shank. Here is about the BEST(and I say best because he actually shows how it lays in the water) tutorial I have found:

I'll have to get some pics of these in the water. Actually, the way this fly floats, the tail does lay more or less flat on the water. I have a few wraps of lead wire right at the hook bend which causes it to float slightly tail down.

The angle is a little steeper than I wanted but I'm looking to make these float with a slight tail down attitude like a dying or injured minnow.

I'm still experimenting with these. I think they will catch fish like they are but I am trying to get it just the way I have envisioned and it's not there yet.

I've even been thinking of putting a plastic "lip" under the nose (cut out of plastic water bottle or milk jug) so when it's twitched, it'll dive a couple inches under the water and float back to the surface kind of like a rapala lure.

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