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I often get the "Premier" cabin at Treemont Campgrounds. It's small, but it sleeps 2-3 adults and 2-3 kids (I think they allow 6 people total). It has a seperate bedroom, foldout couch, loft, kitchenette, a fireplace and a full bathroom with a tub and a nice deck. Ask for one at the top of the hill, unless you want to be near the pool and video games at the bottom of the hill. They have a small store there with charcoal etc and wood for your fire ring next to the cabin. I think they run about $115 a night. Or, you can get the regular cabin for about $100 per night, or the "rustic" cabin for about $65 per night. All have satellite TV and wifi, but the rustic doesn't have a bathroom or kitchenette so get one of those by the restrooms and showers.
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