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Very cool. Once you get an older reel (not space age technologh) that rod will balance out a littel better and not feel so heavy in the hand. If you wanted to go on the chearper side and still get a vintage reel to go with that rod, you could look at the Phlueger Medalists from that time frame. That is most likely what was used on that rod since it wasn't a high end rod of the day. I doubt many anlgers back then were fishing Hardy reels.I'm no reel expert but most of the produciton rods were probably paired with reels made by Ocean City and that type reel with the Medalist as being the more expensive. There are definately more expensive vintage reels out there like the Dingley's, Hardy's, J.W. Youngs, etc but they would have been on the higher dollar cane rods of the day. As far as silk lines are concerned, they are supposed to last a lifetime if they are treated well. You can still find them on old reels and restore them to almost new conditions. That's another project for you right there. The are quite a bit smaller than today's plastic lines so they will shoot through those smaller guides but I think you will be fine with the modern lines. If you are concerned about it, you could buy the Corland Sylk lines which are smaller in diameter and supposed to be closer to silk lines. I have heard mixed reviews about them though. All that said, lets see some pictures so us cane nuts can drool!
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