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Default Guns in national parks and elsewhere

I met a fellow who was retired from the NFS. We talked about the AT as this was part of his responsibility in some way for several years. He told me that at least two or three people are murdered every year on the AT for food, money or credit cards. But, he stated these are hushed up or people would avoid the AT. I'm like others, I'm more concerned about the two legged predators in the parks. As for bears, the best defense would be a bear spray repellent. Many people have guns but don't know how to use them properly or accurately. I've talked with people who have a gun for protection but never fired it!
Caliber is in the hands of the user. I know of a policeman who killed a bear with a .38 Special which is not exactly a powerhouse.
Mike Anderson, after your incident, why didn't you turn in the license number to the authorities? This might have prevented another incident later with someone else.
See in the park!
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