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Elkins, I snagged the Ice Breakers camo super closeout on this website called Gilt. It is a member's only site, and for the most part they sell a bunch of designer metro crap. Sometimes they have really steep discounts on outdoor gear though. I'll send you an invite to join, but the Ice Breakers sale is finito.

Regarding the Hennessey in cold weather, there are a few essentials:

- I highly recommend the "undercover" system that Hennessey sells. It comes w/ a foam pad for extra insulation and makes a huge difference.
- Line the very outer layer with a space/emergency blanket (i.e. under the foam pad).
- Layer extra clothes on top of the foam pad (down jacket, fleece, whatever you have). Sometimes instead of putting the extra clothes in with the foam pad I'll just scatter them around me inside the hammock.
- On super cold nights, boil some water and fill a Nalgene bottle and stuff that down in the bottom on your sleeping bag to keep your feet warm (screw the lid good and tight!).
- I feel like it makes a big difference if your hammock is nice and tight instead of sagging (when it is sagging, all the insulation tends to migrate to the center, leaving cold spots at the head/foot areas, and your body doesn't circulate as much blood to your feet).

Speck Lover, that night that you and your daughter got too cold would have been a lot more pleasant with just the undercover system. I can sleep comfortably in my hammock with just the undercover and no pad down into the upper 40s (I have a 19 degree Western Mountaineering down bag). You get down into the lower 40s and you need the undercover + the pad. I hope that helps!

Also, since I'm on a Hennessey roll here, I'm gonna go ahead and recommend the snake skins as well. They just make life with the hammock a lot easier (storage & setup). On another trip w/ Grannyknot (the Citico Creek Death March Trail, Bee City campsite), it started dumping rain on us, and I was able to tie up my hammock with the snake skins covering the hammock and string up my rain fly for a quick 2 or 3 man shelter. The Hennessey is an awesome shelter, but I have to admit that I have a tent that I often carry as well =)
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