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All--I personally think a number of you are misreading and misinterpreting this mater of carrying a firearm now being legal in the Park. The change DOES NOT mean anyone can venture into the Park and legally carry a firearm. Only those who have a concealed carry permit, at least as I understand it, can do so. Obtaining such a permit is a rigorous process involving many hours of instruction, range time, discussion of safety and use issues, a detail background check, and more. Folks who pass this aren't irresponsible rednecks, drunks, or questionable characters.
The Park isn't suddenly going to become the wild West. If anything, I think it will be safer than before, and study after study has shown that in situations where concealed carry is legal crime goes down, not up. On the other hand, where are the worst gun-related crime areas of all? Places like Washington, D. C. and Chicago, where decent, law-abiding citizens have been denied their Second Amendment rights.
In truth, I think that the irresponsible, semi-criminal types who have occasionally caused problems in the Park in the past will be much less likely to do so now, and again I would emphasize this change does not mean anyone and everyone will be toting guns. Anyone who has one legally is going to be a very responsibel person who knows how to handle and use a gun and who has impeccable background credentials.
I probably spend more time in the Park than most of those on this forum, and far from being worried, I'm somewhat relieved. I also happen to be a firm adherent to the U. S. Constitution, and its Second Amendment is what this is all about.
Jim Casada
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