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Originally Posted by JohnH0802 View Post
Criminals will, by nature and definition, always target the weak and defenseless. This is part of the reason our founding fathers gave us the constitutional right to keep and bear arms (on top of the consumate check and balance on government).
JohnH0802, you nailed it.

I have been on a couple backpacking trips, just me and the wife, were I wished that I had been carrying. One instance was at Bone Valley a couple years ago. Two campsites down were several drunk and rowdy guys. If they had decided to come on up and mess with us what chance would we have stood? They didn't...but what if?

My only concern was that my wife was with me. I'm not afraid of bears, snakes or cougars. The "bear protection" argument is absurd and the first person who over reacts and shoots one should be placed under the jail.

Also, the penalty for killing an animal in the park (deer, bear, elk, etc.) is incredibly weak. No wonder people do it...$500 and/or/maybe 6 months for an elk? You are in a National Park! The ante needs to be raised.

A bit of a ramble more thing. I would have handled the situation that Mike Anderson described a little bit different. The guy would have been looking at a .45 instead of the .357.

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