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To asnwer your question jross, most of the science behind brown trout and their nocturnal ways is centered around their eyesight and how it is much better in darker conditions than bows and brookies. I have zero support to back this up but I have several theories, one. browns are ambush predators who tend to stay hiddin, where? in the shadows waiting for their prey so it would make sence that they can see better than what they are gonna crush which brings me to my second theory, a brown trout will eat just about anything, they are the rivers version of a largemouth bass, as a result of this I wonder if in their own way they asume all other animals around them are the same way, and if so that, with better eyesight, could attribute to their nocturnal ways? Sorry too much thinking, they do it at nite cause they can see it and crush it without getting drilled by a heron?
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