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I finally picked up a copy of Smoky Mountain Magic a week or so ago. Finished it last night. It was a good story although his fiction writing style seemed to be a bit strange. The climax came about half way into the book and was quickly crushed, which seemed to make the events in the last third of the book somewhat irrelevant to the main story.

One thing I found very interesting was the introduction written by Kephart's Granddaughter. She defended Kephart's choice to come to these mountains and stay here, inferring that it was his wife's decision to leave him, taking the kids to the northeast and away from Horace. Her description of his introduction to this area was different than anything I have read in Jim Casada's introduction in Camping and Woodcraft or Michael Frome's book Strangers in High Places. Nowhere does she mention Granville Calhoun when telling of the people who helped him most in his early years on Hazel Creek.

Overall, its a good book with some entertaining Cherokee lore and description of the mountains pre-logging industry.
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