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Originally Posted by Carlito View Post
Great pix Troutman! My girlfriend bought me a Mad River Adventure 14' for Christmas, and I can't wait to do some float fishing this year!

Jeff, I have already taken my canoe out. It weighs 75 lbs, and I'm gonna go ahead and say that unless you are STOUT that it is a bit too long and heavy to handle loading and unloading solo. I know I could manage to load it on my own, but I'd sure rather have a helping hand. You may be wise to look for something a bit on the lighter side, at least until your boy gets old enough to lend a hand.
Troutman and Carlito,
Great advice. Yes, the 75lbs was a bit of a concern to me as well. My son is 15 and strong as an ox for his size, but between soccer, tennis, girls, soccer, girls, oh and did I mentioion girls, I doubt if he'll be with me most of the time I want to take it out.

I fish a lot in the evenings after work and tossing it on the van, making a 10 minute drive to my local lake, fishing for a couple hours until dark, putting it back on the van and coming back home is more the normal use for it. On weekends and the like Daniel will be with me, but most evenings, I'm going to be flying solo.

I appreciate the responses. I'll look into something more in the under 60pounds range.

I suppose with a canoe it's like any other boat that wider is more stable?

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