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Originally Posted by Speck Lover View Post
I can attest to that. I bought two Hennessy Hammock's last winter, one for my daughter and one for myself. Last July we went on an overnight backpacking trip on the AT, setting up camp just outside the Grayson Highlands State Park boundary in Virginia. The temperature dropped down to 40 degrees with a light wind the night we camped, and although we were both sleeping in Mountain Hardwear 20 degree synthetic sleeping bags, we were both miserable all night from the cold air passing below our hammock's. We had to get up and set by the fire to get warm. They are an extremely comfortable sleeping system, but like all gear, they have their limitations. I understand that Hennessy makes some type of reflector that aids in keeping the hammock warmer, although I don't know anything about them.

Mac, I'm in no way throwing off on your Hennessy Hammock. I just don't want to see you get in a jam if the temperature drops on you while out in the backcountry. To me, there is nothing more miserable in the backcountry than trying to sleep while being cold. On second thought, being cold and wet ranks pretty high on the list.
I use a car windshield shade cut to fit in my hammock when it's really cold works like a charm you will love the Hennessy a great hammock
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